In our fashion world nowadays gowns are very trending because if its various designs as it is commonly used in many occasions.  In the modern industry the designs are becoming more elegant due to the creativity of the fashion designers.  It varies on its categories depending on the occasion like wedding, prom, ballroom and other formal events.  As we can see in the beauty pageant competition local and international the candidates are stunning their beauties of what evening gown they are wearing.  It likewise add beauty to a woman who wears that best suit for her that also gives attraction to the audience as well as the  viewers.  There are designers who uses good textile quality to have a good outcome.  However there are also using indigenous materials for the ethnic gowns like feathers, sacks, leaves, tissues and other recycled materials.  But out of those materials its amazing to see their wonderful creations. 


In wedding event most bride wanted to be perfect to march on the aisle on her very special day for her groom.  That is why every woman has her own choice of  wedding gown that suitably is fitted for her.  Most commonly white color is being worn by the bride but there are those who preferably choose the beige color.  But in the our modern times some also chooses the color of their choice according to their motifs. 


To be simple yet very elegant in its design makes a person wearing it look so beautifully because what is important is on how you carry it.  As part of the entourage bridesmaids do play very important role in the wedding event.  So the bridesmaids gowns should also be considered.  We can go to a couture or gown shop to look for a perfect design for the bridesmaids .  We can choose the designs that suits also to the motif of the wedding.  The little girls as the flower girls can have also their lovable and sexy designs for them very pretty to look at. 


In formal occasions or dinner we can select at the store on what long gown to wear.  Most likely we can choose  black color to look good.  In other event like debut,  the celebrant can choose the best gown for her especially that it is her big night.  It is ideal for a debutante to wear long pink gown like a fairy design stunned with beads.


We have also different designs on cocktail dresses  usually worn in prom nights.  It is a formal short dress  that is virtually paired with jewelries.




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